Our Team

Andrea Reider has designed and typeset books for publishers in California and internationally, including the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery. As a graphic designer, Andrea’s goal is to create attractive layouts that not only appeal to the intended audiences, but also enhance the reading and learning experience. She appreciates and enjoys the process of working closely with Green Tara Press authors to bring their books to life.


Lilly Penhall of Interstellar GraphicsLilly Penhall of Interstellar Graphics has worked with the authors of Green Tara Press to design and publish their print and ebooks, as well as creating this website and graphics for social media. Lilly first worked with Catherine Auman on her managed care ebook and then on the design and layout of Shortcuts to Mindfulness, a book which profoundly influenced and inspired her. Interstellar Graphics is proud and grateful to be part of the Green Tara Press team and of the works they publish in the future.

Interstellar Graphics